Serious offending on community correction orders in Victoria

Mr Geoff Fisher1, Ms Cynthia Marwood1
1Sentencing Advisory Council, Melbourne, Australia,

In 2015, the Corrections Act 1986 (Vic) was amended to require the Sentencing Advisory Council to report annually on the number of people convicted of a ‘serious offence’ that was committed while the person was serving a CCO. This obligation was fulfilled by the Council for the first time in May 2018 in the report ‘Serious Offending by People Serving a Community Correction Order: 2016-17’.

This presentation will discuss the report’s key findings, including the number of offenders sentenced in 2016-17 for committing a serious offence while serving a CCO, the most common types of offences committed, and – importantly – the time taken to reoffend.

Alongside the key findings, this presentation will discuss how the Council overcame a number of methodological challenges relating to the linking of data from multiple agencies, which may assist similar research.


Cynthia Marwood is the Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Sentencing Advisory Council.  During her time at the Council she has overseen the preparation and publication of over 25 research reports on sentencing related matters.


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